Roses & Violets 2-Pack

Roses & Violets 2-Pack

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Two delicious wine hybrid beers served up in 750mL bottles?! For only $25?!
That's right - enjoy Roses Are Red and Violets Are Blue in a special 2-pack for a limited time - but act fast - These are the last bottles of these beers available!

ROSES ARE RED ・7.0% alc./vol. ・750mL Bottle
Gewurtztraminer Gose

A beautiful wine hybrid brewed with Gewurtztraminer grapes from Fielding Estates Winery. Freshly pressed Gewurztraminer skins were added to a traditional zero-hop gose for extended aging. Pouring a honeycomb gold with tart aromatics of elderflower, white grape juice, and stone fruit with hints of gentle tangerine and bright floral character bursting out of the bottle. Roses is pure love in a glass.

VIOLETS ARE BLUE・7.0% alc./vol. ・750mL Bottle
Gamay Gose

This year’s version pours a gorgeous rosy pink with heady aromas of strawberry, watermelon, and cherry, capped off by a stunningly dry acidity engulfed by grape, cherry, roses and field berry. It’s a Prince song in a glass. Think Sexy Dancer - the album version. Brewed with Gamay juice and skins from Fielding Estates!